Based on one of Serge Panchenko’s most popular custom designs, the Dog Tag Folder is a unique departure from Spyderco’s typical folding knife construction methods. Its single-sided handle is fabricated from solid titanium and accurately replicates the size and shape of a military dog tag. The center of the handle scale is machined to create an integral spring bar that houses a steel ball bearing for the blade’s detent mechanism. At the top of the handle is a aluminum back strap that defines the blade’s limits of travel in both the open and closed positions and provides protection from the edge when the knife is closed.

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  • Overall Length       3.23" (82 mm)
  • Blade Length          1.23" (31 mm)
  • Closed Length         2" (51 mm)
  • Edge Length           1.14" (29 mm)
  • Weight                    0.9 oz (26 g)
  • Blade Thickness     0.118" (3 mm)
  • Origin                      Taiwan

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