Export Policy

This export policy applies to all GSS Gear items. Purchaser agrees to abide by all U.S. export control laws and regulations and will obtain any licenses or prior approvals required by the U.S. government prior to exporting, re-exporting, or transferring the product/s. If the proper license or prior approval is not obtained, then the purchaser agrees that he/she will not export, re-export, or transfer the product to any foreign country and/or to any Foreign Person whether in the U.S or in any foreign country. Purchaser further agrees that the product/s will not be used for the proliferation of nuclear, missile, chemical, and/or biological weapons.

If you wish to purchase an item for ultimate shipping or use outside of the United States, please indicate this fact in your order. Depending on the value of the order, specific item(s), end user, country of ultimate destination and end use, GSS Gear may be required to apply for an export license with the appropriate U.S. government agency prior to shipment. Several items on the website may require an export license. These items are indicated by a red exclamation point. If you have placed an item in your GSS Gear shopping cart that contains a red exclamation point, please be advised that your purchase may require an export license.