What is DOD EMALL?

The DOD EMALL is...
A single entry point for DOD and Federal government customers to find and acquire off-the-shelf items, finished goods and services from the commercial marketplace and government sources. The DOD EMALL offers cross-store shopping to compare prices and other best value factors. The DOD EMALL suppliers are government approved sources and comply with Federal Acquisition Regulation requirements.
The DOD EMALL Web site is where you can:

  • Search for and order parts and supplies
  • Pay with a Government Purchase Card or fund code/fund cite
  • Obtain status of all DLA and DOD EMALL orders in a single view
  • Receive Supportability Analysis and Stock Out Reports (SA-SOR) Inquiries

What You Can Order on the DOD EMALL

  • Commercial catalog items from reputable vendors. Items include, but are not limited to:
    - aircraft covers
    - batteries
    - construction supplies
    - electrical items
    - fasteners
    - IT products
    - nautical items
    - office supplies
    - packing material
    - repair parts
  • NSN and P/N items* including:
    - Ability One
    - UNICOR
    - Warfighter items (clothing & textiles)
    - Environmentally Preferred Products
    - MAPS

* Certain hazardous materials, medicines, and weapon system parts cannot be ordered via the DOD EMALL. User Requirements

  • Connection to the Internet (Modem connections should be 28.8kbps or better)
  • Use of the DOD EMALL requires Mozilla Firefox 3.6+ or Internet Explorer 8.0+
  • Use of DOD EMALL requires a Common Access Card (CAC) or equivalent

DOD EMALL Benefits

  • Save time and money due to the automated process and negotiated volume discounts
  • Quick direct delivery
  • Search across multiple sources simultaneously
  • Ability to save and re-use carts
  • Place government managed and commercial catalog items into the same cart

How Do I Shop? It's As Easy As 1-2-3. After Login*

  • Shop (Search) for items by:
    Keyword Part Number
    National Stock Number
    ...and more
  • And select items to your shopping cart
  • Checkout and finalize your order

*Note: DOD EMALL has become Public Key Infrastructure (PKI) enforced May 2011. PKI allows user access to a DOD EMALL account using a Common Access Card (CAC) or a DOD-approved PKI External Certificate Authority (ECA) digital certificate. See homepage for full details.